Andre Birleanu

...since birth, Andre landed into a very competitive environment that nurtured his innate pro-active instinct, mother working for United Nations in New York, father doctor in international law with high profile cases to this day.

By age of 13 he was a multiple times chess champion, black belt in Aikido, excelling at 100 m sprint, marathon, swimming, algebra, logic, history, literature and his favourite, philology; fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, French, Italian and English.

Andre was admitted in John Jay Criminal Justice Academy without preparing at all, walked in with a pen, days after landing in New York. While attending the Academy he was discovered by the legendary team of Boss Models which created the first male supermodel; at the same time the famous Karen Lee head of International Scouting at Elite New York was pulling him towards Casablanca's empire, in the end, David Bosman, John Babin and Calvin French end up being his closest thing to family for many years .

Was there, where he learned the true craft of this amazing fashion business, was there, where he developed this "RAW GLAM" that he is so famous for. He steadily rose among the ranks and worked for everyone doing everything .. like David Bosman once said : "send Andre to all castings, no one knows what he'll come back with". Dolce Gabbana, Hamilton Watches, MTV, Speedo, Esquire, And Men, Source, Complex, Número Homme, GQ, Details, Men's Health, L'Officiel, PF Fliers, Marc Ecko, Rocawear, Converse, Fila, Calvin Klein, Sean John, 2xist, Big Black Book, worked with Nathaniel Goldberg, Steven Klein, Meisel, Carlos Serrao, Zach Gold, Nigel Barker, Bruce Weber, Mathias Vriens, Calvin French, Domenico Dolce has been represented by DNA, Next, Q, Boss, Karin, L'Agence, Mc2, Metropolitan, Wilhemina, Major, Inovative Artists.

As years went by, Andre evolved astronomically from a student athlete to model, supermodel, TV personality, entrepreneur, inventor, executive producer, patent holder, art dealer, pro athlete scout, building around the things he loved and cherished his whole life a never before assembled unique business conglomerate named Supreme Group which covers all industries and spectrums of human evolution at all levels and this, is just a fraction ..

His greatest achievements and dearest treasures closest to his heart are his astounding daughters : Eva Sofia Birleanu and Azzura Birleanu both extremely young, both extremely famous models which one day will continue their father's legacy !

Selah.. motto : " become immortal "